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The Hall’s Harbour wharf was first built in 1836 and was maintained by the community. However, early in the 1900’s the government took over ownership and was fully responsible for its upkeep. This changed in 1996 when the government decided they would share that responsibility with the community through the formation of Harbour Authorities. So on April l, 1996 the HAHH came into existence with the signing of a lease with Government of Canada, Fisheries & Oceans and Small Craft Harbours Branch.

In signing the lease the Harbour Authority has taken on the responsibility for the maintenance and repairs to the harbour. All general operating expenses are the responsibility of Harbour Authority.

In 1997, the middle 40-meter section of the West Wharf, the main structure protecting the harbour collapsed. Through time spent by the many volunteers, monies from funding partners, assistance from DalTech, and the Katimavik contribution resulted in this middle section being rebuilt.

The completion of rebuilding the 50-meter outer section of the west wharf was completed in June 2003. This came about again by monies contributed from many sources, and many volunteers.


  • K. Blair Simpson
  • John Taylor
  • Mark Taylor, Harbour Supervision
  • Charles Skerry, Operations Manager
  • Willis Moore
  • Greg Sanford
  • Don McGilchrist
  • Randall Conrad
  • Sylvia Skerry


  • Charles Skerry, Chair
  • Charles Skerry, Vice-Chair
  • Willis Moore, Treasurer
  • Sylvia Skerry, Secretary

Emergency Contacts

  • Oil and Chemical Spill Reporting Centre : 1-800-565-1633
  • Coast Guard-Search & Rescue: 1-800-565-1582
  • Small Craft Harbors: 1-800-983-6161

Harbour Authority Contacts

3586 Hwy #359, Hall’s Harbour
Centreville RR#3, NS, BOP 1J0

What is a Harbour Authority?

A Harbour Authority is an incorporated non-profit organization, consisting of a volunteer board of directors that lease property and facilities from Her Majesty The Queen, in right of Canada as represented by the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and acting through the Regional Director, Small Craft Harbours branch.


The objective of the Harbour Authority is to maintain, manage and operate a public fishing harbour.

Harbour Authority Basics

The Harbour Authority is a corporate entity whose board of directors has the capacity to contract and make decisions on behalf of the corporation. The board determines what services are provided at the harbour and the associated fees. The board also decides upon harbour rules of operation.



  1. All Users must comply with applicable Federal and Provincial Laws. Regulations and all Municipality of the County of Kings By-Laws.
  2. All Users shall maintain proper conduct and shall not damage or destroy property maintained by the Authority.
  3. Vessels berthed along side of each other are to keep a clear and unobstructed way to shore. Every Captain is responsible to ensure vessels are properly tendered and when leaving port to make sure vessels outside are secure with two lines. The Authority reserves the right to move, relocate, remove and to enter vessels or other equipment to meet Harbour operational requirements or to address emergency situations.
  4. Dumping of fish offal, bait, garbage and debris in the Harbour is prohibited at all times. Littering is a violation of Federal Law.
  5. Fuel barrels, containers and debris are to be removed immediately. It is illegal to store fuel containers on the wharves. Bait barrels, traps, boxes and any other equipment must be removed within Forty-Eight (48) Hours. Local lobster fishers may leave only lobster traps for two weeks before and after the lobster season. The Authority will not be responsible for any loss or damage, however The Authority will not be responsible for any loss or damage, however occasioned, to any gear or equipment stored on Authority property. Clean-ups undertaken by the Authority for or on behalf of a User will be billed to that User at the rate of $25.00 per hour or part thereof with a minimum charge of $25.00.
  6. Any damage to a wharf facility, oil spills and inappropriate garbage disposal must be reported to the Harbour Supervisor or any Authority Board member. Environmental emergencies must be reported by phoning 1-800-565-1633.
  7. Vehicle parking is permitted only in designated areas. Fishing operations take precedence over wharf space parking, particularly nearby the loading/offloading winch(s).
  8. Only qualified persons will be authorized to operate the Winch(s) and operating procedures as required must be adhered to at all times.
  9. Speed limit for entering/exiting the Harbour is “Idle Speed” only.


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